Liam Payne signs solo record One Direction's

He is ready to the limelight-stealing for themselves
Harry Styles who stole the show with his Mick Jagger look, but really, Liam Payne was the de facto leader of Brit boy band One Direction. Ready to take the lead position and lead the antics of the group, who also sings the first lines of the most popular songs of the band.
Therefore, it should not be surprising that, decided after the division of the group to pursue a solo career 22 Payne. In a tweet on Thursday, the (relatively) low-profile pop star announced that she signed with Capitol Records, home of renowned legends such as the Beatles and the recent success as Sam Smith.
Of course, Zayn Malik Payne beat wildcard the punch with his desertion of the group and already released solo album. Niall Horan played the sport. Louis Tomlinson had a baby. Harry Styles is pursuing a career as an actor with his music. But Payne knows - always knew - that he has a strong set of tubes, boy next door good looks and comfort in front of a camera. I just wanted that little push in the direction of Fame you started.
When he shared the news that he was sure to call to his roots; he is an intelligent celebrity and does not know the rabid fans of One Direction to alienate.

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