Taylor Swift won the coveted award

Taylor Swift won the coveted award for Album of the Year at the Grammys Monday night. And while, yes, the world was convinced that the collection of the singer has been recognized by many singles in the awards ceremony the most memorable acceptance speech Swift came moment when she finally to the "famous" kicker came jab.

"I want all the young women who say no, there are people on the road to try to undermine your success or take credit for their achievements or glory. But if you just focus on work and not let people you distracts one day when you get where you're going, you look around and you will know that you and the people you love that you put it, and be the greatest feeling in the world. "
Mic fall.
So what Twitter is saying about Swift impassioned speech that was not only Western accusations that it was the reason, "out of danger", the singer is famous, but also the empowerment of all young women? Look.

Liam Payne signs solo record One Direction's

He is ready to the limelight-stealing for themselves
Harry Styles who stole the show with his Mick Jagger look, but really, Liam Payne was the de facto leader of Brit boy band One Direction. Ready to take the lead position and lead the antics of the group, who also sings the first lines of the most popular songs of the band.
Therefore, it should not be surprising that, decided after the division of the group to pursue a solo career 22 Payne. In a tweet on Thursday, the (relatively) low-profile pop star announced that she signed with Capitol Records, home of renowned legends such as the Beatles and the recent success as Sam Smith.
Of course, Zayn Malik Payne beat wildcard the punch with his desertion of the group and already released solo album. Niall Horan played the sport. Louis Tomlinson had a baby. Harry Styles is pursuing a career as an actor with his music. But Payne knows - always knew - that he has a strong set of tubes, boy next door good looks and comfort in front of a camera. I just wanted that little push in the direction of Fame you started.
When he shared the news that he was sure to call to his roots; he is an intelligent celebrity and does not know the rabid fans of One Direction to alienate.

amazon prime day 2016 deals

Amazon.com last summer to try a new idea: the buyers promised a Black Friday sale and summer, that would be accessible only to members of their Prime program.
On Tuesday, the e-commerce giant is holding its second installment of this event, the first day, a move that effectively serves as a test of whether tenders may be a bonanza summer ritual for buyers - new and reliable, for annual attract members first and good sales magnetic ring. (Jeffrey P. Bezos, Amazon CEO has the Washington Post.)
Amazon has been in the works for Overdrive hype the preferred day to generate: From 5 July, there was a small blackboard newspaper treats "Countdown" items such as vacuum cleaners, portable supplements and protein offered. As part of a link with its streaming music service first, a contest to access the customer to win meets and greets with artists such as country singer Carrie Underwood and rapper Flo Rida works. And it is promising, it is in almost all product categories are 100,000 jobs for the big day, including $ 33.33 fire and a Samsung Blu-ray for $ 49.99.
It is difficult to see why Amazon pushing hard to promote interest in the privileged day. In the event of last year, the company said that customers bought 34.4 million articles - more than any other Black Friday in the history of the company at that time. (It should be noted that the company does not offer comparisons of results for Cyber ​​Monday, suggesting sales on the first day not overshadow the most important day of the holiday season for online shopping.)
It is essential, he said more people for the first day is recorded as another day in the history of the Amazon. This is perhaps even more valuable than the record sales the day because customers could double rope in the membership program can be an effective way to generate repeat business.
The first day resulted in a wide range of reactions from rival retailers. Like last year, Wal-Mart has to go to a game is very aggressive hand in hand with Amazon, announcing that offers free shipping from 11 July to 15 July for all purchases, a policy change offers Free usual would be over $ 50 Walmart orders also announces special offers for products from Samsung 4K TV for $ 598 denim overalls women jacket for $ 8. And Walmart is trumpeting versions free 30 days after delivery of the pilot program Pass, a first similar deal in which customers can pay $ 49 a year for free two-day expedition on most online orders.
"Our main offers so that you can begin to doze off for tomorrow." On Monday, JC Penney took to Twitter a great sales all, a reference not so subtle update to the first, saying Monday night, Best Buy is home committed "offer for all no membership required. "- A clear dig Buy on Amazon.
Toys R Us is a sale Tuesday, with 15 percent of regular articles on prices and sales prices collected more than 50,000 items. E-commerce player, NewEgg seeks, even in action by offering hundreds of shops Tuesday on items such as laptops and smartphones. But large retailers like Target stick with their usual sales playbooks this week.
In a way the first day has thought a lot in common with the types of annual sales, traditional retailers for years. mattress chains, for example, have long packed three-day weekend of Memorial Day with actions. Department stores like Bloomingdale are "friends and family" expected annual sales high loyal customers. But the first day is unique in its scale: For example, the promise of the Amazon is to have an inventory of discounted TVs, which is almost twice as high, which combined for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
It remains to see how customers in the first year of this day to react, but if last year a leader, should not see us talk in social media too much material. Last year, he joked legions of users of Twitter that the selection of items was disappointing and felt like a digital garage sale. And the results showed strong sales while hordes of customers find the most attractive offers.

The Brown player apologizes for the throat cut screen Poly

BEREA, Ohio Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell has for publishing a photo on Instagram last week apologized a policeman shows his throat cut to get.
Crowell recorded after men in Louisiana and Minnesota were killed by the police to draw. Later the post was removed, but was followed by a screenshot on social networks are broadcast, then apologized on Monday.
Five policemen were killed in an attack by a sniper in Dallas on Thursday night at an event during the two deaths. seven other officers and two civilians were wounded.
"Last week was a difficult, emotional week and have seen extreme violence against black men of our country and against police officers in Dallas," Crowell said in a statement distributed by the Browns.
"I have a photo Instagram written in the middle of this emotion that can not be removed immediately. It was a very bad decision and sorry for this mistake and offend people my not values ​​and beliefs on this subject agree.. I am outraged and angry death of Alton Sterling and Philando Castilla and many others. I am by the stops in Dallas and the death of five honorable cops (Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael J. Smith, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa) shocked and saddened providing protection while trying to keep the peace. we have to be better as a society, it is not about color, it's what's good and bad. I'm very bad on the screen. all the basic questions of life, every death as a result the violence it should be treated with the same indignation and grief. "
Crowell had 706 yards and four touchdowns to Cleveland last year. The former star of Alabama State was 1,313 yards and 12 touchdowns in two seasons with the Browns

Giancarlo Stanton beat Frazier in Star Home Run Derby

SAN DIEGO (AP) - Giancarlo Stanton était une puissance Petco Park d'écran avec d'enregistrement dans le All-Star Home Run Derby lundi soir pour chaque étape is concentrer dans le domaine du champ gauche coin poivre.
20 Stanton frappe dans le dernier tour circuits pour mieux défendre champion Todd Frazier, Chicago White Sox.
Dans l'ensemble, Miami Marlins will mark Slugger une nuit atteint 41 Bobby Abreu to a record 61 in 2005 dépanneuse.
Stanton coups frappe le niveau superbes to supérieur du bâtiment Western Metal Supply Co. dans le coin gauche du terrain et la partie supérieure de l'oeil du bâton dans le center. Il to envoyé plusieurs balles juste au-dessous du marqueur eleve géant dans la zone est gauche et plus sur l'enclos des releveurs dans le center gauche.
'' Bien sûr, sur la côte ouest et le vol ici pour cela prend seulement, vous savez. Je suppose qu'il est un gaspillage pas si je ne ce mauvais garcon apporter à la maison, '' Stanton dit, hisser trophée him.
Les trois fois All-Star est pas sur la liste est le bâton NL pour mardi soir match of 0.233 avec à 20 et 50 points produits circuits avant la pause.Voir la galerieGiancarlo Stanton suggère Frazier dans le All-Star Home Run & nbsp; Et hellip;Todd Frazier AL, Chicago White Sox, réagit au cours de la après avoir frappé MLB ba ...
'' J'ai eu un très bon moment. Il avait un bon moment. ''
They are plus long I estimated coup a été à 497 mètres. Il to suggéré that huit les plus longues à la maison courses of compétition des 21 et 20 unités les plus profondes.
'' If j'aurais un peu d'une une certaine façon rangee LEVANTACOLA 5 to 10 pour cent, '' at-il dit. '' Mais la plupart du temps, je 80-90 réalise pour cent. Savais que je je faire pouvais résistance is concerné. J'attendais mon pas tomber tournée. ''
Stanton peut à titre défendre are l'année prochaine maison, alors qu'ils accueilleront le Jeu Marlins All-Star.Voir la galerieGiancarlo Stanton suggère Frazier dans le All-Star Home Run & nbsp; Et hellip;Todd Frazier AL, Chicago White Sox devient après sa chauve-souris lors of the collision, qui ...
'' Voila où j'ai d'enfance souvenirs month comme un enfant regardant you Home Run Derby, '' Stanton, qui est originaire Los Angeles dit. '' Peut-être juste moi des enfants. Je veux revenir en arrière. ''
Stanton le mieux est le joueur payé baseball avec dans le 325 millions $ 13 ans. Nouvel they are entraîneur de frappe est le roi Barry Bonds home run.
Frazier, qui ne fait pas l'équipe de la Ligue All-Star, a 13 frappe dans le dernier tour. Il était un gagnant de ville natale l'année dernière who tandis Cincinnati Reds. Il a été aux Echange White Sox in Décembre.
Western Metal Supply Co. Building to servi comme l'un des meilleurs objectifs Derby McCovey Cove in 1993 et ​​à l'extérieur de San Francisco AT & T Park, à l'entrepôt Camden Yards Baltimore accession in 2007. Ils ont été them deux buts lefty
24 Stanton frappe dans le premier tour circuits, Robinson Cano Seattle him 'Mariners (sept) et 17 pour les demi-éliminer late Mark Trumbo, extrait (14) des Baltimore Orioles.
Frazier frappe dans le premier tour 13 Carlos Gonzalez (12) et des Colorado Rockies du demi-finale 16 pour battre Adam Duvall (15) Cincinnati Reds pour enlever.
Trumbo, avec qui directs them majors circuits 28, avait deux des images plus dans la nuit les Spectaculaires, en face du tableau de bord gauche et dans le champ au sommet de l'Ouest de l'édifice in métal dans la demi-finale contre Stanton.
Wil Myers joueur du deuxième San Diego Padres Patent ville natale gagner pour être le Derby. In jeune frère Beau - A joueur de champ intérieur au-voltigeur Appalachian State - jeter à lui, suggéré Myers 10 courses à la maison et dans le premier tour to remove Duvall été et 11
Beau Myers to également son frère I rencontré avec un pas dans la période initiale de quatre minutes, et presque une seconde to flew fois.

Michelle Obama Rap recognize Queens on VH1 Hip Hop Honors

The annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors awards show broadcast on Monday night on the network and will have many special guests, including First Lady Michelle Obama.
To celebrate this show to recognize the talented women in hip-hop, objectives and achievements, broadcast live at 9 pm from New York FLOTUS his appearance for a pre-recorded video, which aired shortly after 9: 30 pm legendary musicians like Missy Elliott , Queen Latifah, Lil Kim and Remy Ma, attended the show.
Missy Elliott and Queen Latifah were among the special price night. Both women have worked with the first lady. The two, along with other talented women for "Let Girls Learn" in partnership with Obama, launched an initiative with PEU to life to all to promote the education of girls.
"Through his music and activism, including support girls learn Let Initiative invite all young people around the world to believe in themselves," FLOTUS said in his tribute.
"I am very grateful for their passion and their contributions to our world and I can not see to reach in the coming years", he added.
To support the initiative Missy Elliot 'FLOTUS also in popular anthem was presented: "This is for my girls", which was produced and published by the producers of AOL. Queen Latifah helped the song they debut during a panel at SXSW earlier this year received.

Anton Yelchin, a rising performer

Anton Yelchin, a rising performer best known for playing Chekov in the new Star Trek movies, was killed by his own particular auto as it moved down his carport early Sunday, police and his marketing specialist said.

The auto stuck Yelchin, 27, against a block letter drop column and a security wall at his home in Los Angeles, Officer Jenny Hosier said. He had become out of the vehicle immediately, however police did not say why he was behind it when it began rolling.

Yelchin was en route to meet companions for a practice, Hosier said. When he didn't show up, the gathering went to his home and discovered him dead.

The monstrosity mishap sadly stops the promising vocation of an on-screen character whom groups of onlookers were all the while becoming acquainted with and who had extraordinary aesthetic aspiration. Star Trek Beyond, the third film in the rebooted arrangement, turns out in July.

Executive J.J. Abrams, who cast Yelchin in the establishment, wrote in an announcement that he was "splendid ... kind ... interesting as hellfire, and remarkably capable."