Michelle Obama Rap recognize Queens on VH1 Hip Hop Honors

The annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors awards show broadcast on Monday night on the network and will have many special guests, including First Lady Michelle Obama.
To celebrate this show to recognize the talented women in hip-hop, objectives and achievements, broadcast live at 9 pm from New York FLOTUS his appearance for a pre-recorded video, which aired shortly after 9: 30 pm legendary musicians like Missy Elliott , Queen Latifah, Lil Kim and Remy Ma, attended the show.
Missy Elliott and Queen Latifah were among the special price night. Both women have worked with the first lady. The two, along with other talented women for "Let Girls Learn" in partnership with Obama, launched an initiative with PEU to life to all to promote the education of girls.
"Through his music and activism, including support girls learn Let Initiative invite all young people around the world to believe in themselves," FLOTUS said in his tribute.
"I am very grateful for their passion and their contributions to our world and I can not see to reach in the coming years", he added.
To support the initiative Missy Elliot 'FLOTUS also in popular anthem was presented: "This is for my girls", which was produced and published by the producers of AOL. Queen Latifah helped the song they debut during a panel at SXSW earlier this year received.

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